During the 2008 economic crash one of the only British industries which had consistent growth was the Scottish Scotch industry.


Scotch, it transpired, hit an absolute economic boom in that period despite its traditional markets in the UK and the USA completely crashing.

Why? Because Scotch became the drink of choice in, of all places, Japan!

Small time Scotch producers managed to break into the Japanese market by pooling their resources to pack their scotch up into timber packing cases and get it shipped over to Japan. They managed to get their fine whiskeys tasted by the right people and suddenly BOOM the whisky market was changed forever. Suddenly Japan couldn’t get enough of the stuff. Suddenly the number of Whisky enthusiasts worldwide had its biggest jump in the long history of this proud drink. And all thanks to a little ingenuity and a lot of whisky and those packing cases that took that beautiful brown elixir all that way.

Now, why does that matter to us?


We are not the campaign for exporting whisky to Japan, our focus is strictly on Ale right? Well, yes. That is completely right. But what I’m talking about is a little bit of page stealing. As in, stealing a page fromĀ their book. From the book of the Scotch people. Yes. From that book. It’s a pretty great idea, and I’m pretty excited about it. We just need to do what they did! Pool a few small brewery’s together, get them to all chip in for some timber packing cases (From Barnes & Woodhouse) and some shipping costs, and then just get that ale in the right mouths!

That is really all it takes, and it could be such a massive boon to the industry. Japan loves new things and loves the idea of old Britain and these things for some reason, so let’s give them what they want!

Let’s give themĀ REAL ALE!