Ale is international.

This beautiful drink in all its beautiful varieties has fans around the world and is loved around the world.


It is tasted around the world. It is appreciated around the world. It is absolutely a global cultural phenomenon that is sweeping across the globe. Everyone loves it and it is wise and old and brilliant! It’s like liquid Meryl Streep.

They are popular around the world, these beers.

These drinks. Such a popular drink it is, such a popular drink! So I’m always on air planes flying around the world trying to keep up with the global ale community.

I went to Paraguay and drank a Porter. I flew to Canada and drank a can-of-beer. I flew to Japan and drank a pint. I’ve done it all! I live near Liverpool which has a fantastic real ale culture, with really great pubs and really great drinks around every corner.


It is really, truly, amazingly, unbelievably, super great!! But I often have to leave Liverpool, I have to pull myself away from the bar here in Liverpool and get out of the city and go really far away to drink and to taste and to promote and to talk about one thing: real ale.

I jump in the old banger and head out to the airport and I leave this damn country.

Now, car parking at Liverpool airport used to be a complete nightmare, but it is no longer a complete nightmare because they’ve built a flipping massive car park and their are some great ways to find cheaper parking.

So I park up and I head onto those magic metal birds and get the hell out of this country and go around the world and bloody well show everyone just how bloody great the ale is.