All the news gleaned from the Beer industry this month…

This month in the beer industry Heavy Metal headliners have been making waves once more, one of the biggest Awards nights of the year took place in London, we discovered the worrying future of the US beer industry and Scottish brewers make the best of bad comments. 

Bruce Dickinson to headline BBPA Dinner

If you’re an honest-to-God real ale fan, like us, then you will certainly have heard of Robinson’s Trooper. This deep golden ale surprised the beer industry by becoming the brewery’s top-selling ale, more surprising was Robinson’s unusual collaborators: Heavy Metal legends Iron Maiden.

Since helping to develop and brew the beer back in 2013, the ale has ¬†sold 15 million pints and is now sold in 55 countries. As a result, Maiden frontman, Bruce Dickinson, will be speaking at this year’s BBPA Dinner – tables can be booked at their site here.

Morning Advertiser Names Top British Pubs

The finals of The Great British Pub Awards took place earlier this month in London, with two of the top awards going to socially conscious establishment The Eagle and Child, it was clear that the the judges from the Morning Advertiser were impressed with the renovated pub.

Glen Duckett, licensee of the Lancashire based business, was blown away with the accolades and praised his staff, as well as the team of young people that he helped into employment. The Eagle and Child has built a solid reputation for hiring disadvantaged young people, including young offenders.

Millennials drink less beer

It’s official – the kids are killing the beer industry, or at least they are over in the States. Goldman Sachs downgraded the Constellation Brand (owner of Gaymer Cider Company, Modelo and Corona) and the Boston Beer Company (owner of Sam Adams Boston Lager) because of data suggesting that younger drinkers are drinking less.

When Millennials do drink, they are said to prefer spirits or wine over traditional beers. The financial giant is expecting the US beer market to decline by 0.7% in 2017.

BrewDog debuts T-shirts based on online reviews

It’s not often that a bar will want to share their bad feedback, let alone print them on their staff’s t-shirt – but that’s exactly what craft beer rebels BrewDog have done.

Cherry picking some of the less favourable reviews left on their social media channels, co-founder James Watt shared the T-shirts earlier in the month, declaring quotes such as ‘This is just a shit hipster Wetherspoons’ to be amongst the ‘best’ feedback that the Punk IPA brewers have received.